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I honestly feel cheated

First of all there are three apps in the App store which all cost the same and appear to actually be the same thing : Garden Plan Pro, Grow Planner (Mother Earth) and Almanach Garden Planner. You could actually buy three times the same terrible app (that is if they do not charge the money for the name). Using the app I bought (Garden Plan Pro) feels like traveling in a horsecart across Death Valley without water or food.... It is killing me. After testing the online version on my Mac and having seen the faces of the developpers / team I thought I would get at least a Fiat Uno to cross Death Valley and I was willing to take the risk... Looks like I am gonna die out here surrounded by all these beautiful virtual plants. I actually didnt even get to plant them since designing the garden or trying to make a plan of my property is such a hassle. This app is so userUNfriendly I figure I have better chances crossing Death Valley by foot than surviving designing and virtually planting by using this app.... I will print out a satellite picture of my property on a large scale and add things with ancient tools like pens. Look at some cideos of Permaculture-gardening and just do it. Dont waste your time with this app and spend it in your garden just doing whatever.It will be waaaayyy more productive. PS I was forced to give this app one star... Another thing that is disapointing, come on Apple

Requires Update for iOS 8 !!!

I can not use the app with iOS 8.1.2!! Waste of money and time. Saves all erased objects, lines and veggies. Runs very slow!! Too many bugs

Good idea - bad realization

Update: From 2 Stars down to 1 because of: - no possibility to contact the support team (even for a Pro-user) - writing a message inside the app works until you push the send button. Then all written text disappears and there is a message saying "there was a problem sending the message" - no support of changing plant names to German I like the idea of the garden planner. For me as a beginner it would help a lot. But there are several problems with the app: - sometimes too sensitive during drawing, sometimes does not react on input - software crashes almost every 2-3 minutes now! - old plans are not accessible anymore, they just dont load

Awesome app!

I was a little hesitant to spend 10 times more on an app than I usually do, but I have no regrets. I looked at every "garden design" app out there but none did what i really wanted, except this one. It is very easy to use, great info on the selected plant including companion plants, when to seed/plant/harvest, type of soil and more! I could not be happier if you have any doubts dont. This is a real gem.


I loved the idea of this app, but technical quality is not there. Runs slowly, responds poorly - currently not worth the money. Its also missing a decent calendar-based task syste, for entering what youve done in the garden, and then tracking what you need to do next.

Fun before the season!

Already having so much fun! This app is easy to use if you watch the tutorial. It does everything and is very versatile! The app makes it very easy to plan good crop rotations which I always found difficult to keep track of. This app is exactly what I was looking for, and MORE!

What a treat!

I was skeptical buying this app, as I wanted one that worked for Canadian climates. I was pleasantly surprised that its location feature found my street and input our zone. Couple of suggestions....would be great to be able to post gardening plans to Facebook and would be easier if plant lists were fully alphabetical, and not alphabetical by seed manufacturer. Otherwise, love that I can track my plantings over a number of years and that it tracks the rotation and provides recommendations for subsequent years. It also has checklists based on the planned plantings, of when to plant seeds indoors, when to transplant and when to harvest.


Great for vegetable gardeners. The selection of non-edible plants is paltry. Very basic flowers are not included. Until their plant list is expanded its just not worth the money.

Ridiculously counter intuitive

One hour after opening this app I wanted to stick an ice pick in my eye! Nothing made sense! Im going back to pencil and paper! Awful!

Garden Plan Pro

Absolutely love it! Planning my garden gets me anxious for spring! Its easy to use and navigate around. And with the crop rotation feature you get the most out of your garden.

Love it!

Its a great way to plan your garden. Great information about plants and what kind of soil preparation needs to be done. Now if I can only get out there and start. Cant wait for the snow to melt. Great support when you have a problem with your Garden Plan Pro. Rachelle

Terrible app!

Dont buy it! I never see such a confusing app, and so so user-unfriendly. Totally frustrated to get even started!

Useful but bug-ridden

This app, while costly, is extremely well researched and useful when it comes to plant and varietal information. However, it could be more user-friendly and easier to operate. Crashes quite often and dumps random pieces of recent progress which is very frustrating since it takes quite a while to lay out.


Lots of very helpful information to plan a garden. However, after using the app once, it crashed. Was not able to recover the severals hours of time I spent planning. Very disappointed.

Great potential and crashed and now cant access my garden plan

This app is disappointing, to say the least. I spent several hours designing a garden I was proud of, when it suddenly crashed and now Im unable to access my account from any iPad. No words!

Great features - full of bugs

I have been using this app for 3 seasons for its useful and advanced planning features, like crop rotation for square foot gardens. Sadly it has always been slow and bug ridden... Every update fixed something and broke something else. The latest version doesnt allow me to view/edit display options (in SFG mode). I cannot get my data to a new iPad - support people were friendly but couldnt solve the problem. Instead of making the iPad app work properly, they spent time on an iPhone version which I find pretty useless on a small screen. This company doesnt have their product development priorities right.

Complete garbage

One star is too much for this app. I tried to create a new plan and I got a text box I didnt want and could not delete. Plus I couldnt scroll my plan or add anything. I want my $9 back since this app does not work. Complete upset.

Not worth buying

This was presumably an update to the almanac garden planner. It fixed the delete function but since it is a different application, I cannot bring my plans over. In addition to this, It has more problems than the one I had before. Fix one bug, create 6 more. I am done with it.

bugs cant even login

a blank view for login, why? how am I supposed to login without seeing where to input user name and password? 0%used, please 100%refund!

Dont waste your time

This app has been problematic since download and when trying to reach customer support there always seems to be an error and it wont send the report. Extremely frustrating gone back to pencil and paper much less aggravating

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